What WE do

We Work With a broad range of partners, communities and clients. 

Our clients, partners and communities range from municipalities to institutions and triple bottom line businesses. They are part of our "WE." All of us are grappling with entangled challenges, which we seek to comprehensively address and navigate through shared value objectives, innovative projects and strategic design. At DTW, we design effective collaborative processes to incubate new ventures, strategies, technologies & services that together co-create an ecosystem of social change.



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We consult across sectors to bring a deep, systemic lens to the challenges impacting your work and business, and we work together with you to co-create innovative approaches with powerful social impacts..

  • Design and planning

  • Implementation to evaluation frameworks

  • Collaborative skill building and workshops

Go From engaged communities to investment ready projects


We work with communities through robust engagement and collaboration to produce ecosystems of shared value and interconnected community-led projects and economic development. 

  • Community engagement tool kit

  • Shared value business and hybrid modeling

  • Technical assistance and project management




Through our curricula, WElab Network, platforms and more, we are generating a series of interconnected spaces where anyone can discover their place of value in a larger ecosystem of positive change. 

  • WeLab social and local economy incubators and hubs.

  • Interconnected curriculums

  • Knowledge commons and community mapping as a living archive

About our process

By using design-led capacities we redefine how big picture systemic challenges are approached, identify opportunities for action, and co-design more holistic and resilient strategies centered on positive social change.

We believe that the more we co-operate, co-create and co-produce, the more equitable, effective and meaningful our impact will become.



How do we work together?
Cooperation focuses on teamwork and building vital relationships within and without an organization.


 How do we produce effective results?
Co-production focuses on the technical capacity, skills and resources needed to bring a project into reality.


How do we design something together?
Co-creation focuses on the strategic design and innovation necessary to unlock shared potential through new models.


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