what is designing the we?

designing the WE is a for-benefit design studio positioned within the fields of social innovation and community driven social, cultural and economic development. dtW facilitates collaborative processes to redefine how big picture systemic challenges are approached, identify opportunities for action, and co-design more holistic and resilient strategies centered on positive transformation.

WE are unlikely collaborators. Our diverse backgrounds are matched by our shared passion for positive change. Bridging differences in professional and personal experience  makes us a strong “we” capable of grappling with complex problems from multiple perspectives.

This is what we mean by designing the WE.

why WE work.

dtW Team

A team of transdisciplinary designers, researchers, and planners, our work spans diverse settings from the Bronx, New York to Medellin, Colombia. Our 40 years of combined professional experience ranges from small rural towns to cities on five continents. We understand how ventures, campaigns, projects and products all find their way into a greater ecology of social change.


Braden Crooks

Sabrina Dorsainvil
Visual Design + Strategy

April De Simone

                        Charles Chawalko                           Project Manager

Advisory Board


Open Positions

We are currently seeking volunteer fellows to work with WElab projects with skills in architecture, business management, digital and social impact design. If you are interested, please get in touch with us to learn more.