Capital City Farm: Trenton, NJ

Get involved in your community urban farm!


Capital City Farm is the new vision for the two-acre lot next to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. In 2011, TASK volunteers looked at this weed-filled lot and wondered what could happen there that would offer something positive to this neighborhood. In 2014, the land was purchased by the City and in 2015 the site was remediated to control toxins and prepared to become an urban farm.

Urban farms offer green space in the city, affordable and fresh food, and engagement and employment opportunities for youth, adults, and elders. Lots can happen at Capital City Farm!


Come to the Community Meeting on February 4th @ 7pm

What is dtw up to?

We are engaging with communities in Trenton NJ as they co-create Capital City Farm. The farm will not only be a productive space where healthy food is grown, sold and shared, but also a community-driven place where programs and projects that area residents want to see happen will take place. We are asking: how can an urban farm serve the people?

Designing the We is leading this robust process to uncover the needs and dreams of the neighborhood, build relationships to residents, organizations and area businesses, and design a farm model that is responsive to this local ecosystem. Everything from youth programming to job training may take place there, depending on the response of the farm's neighbors. Importantly, ownership models are being considered that will allow everyone to have a stake in the farm, such as cooperative models and DPOs. 

Designing the WE was invited to relate this project to their work around Redlining, with an Undesign the Redline exhibit in Trenton Library. The exhibit allowed everyone involved to uncover how the farm can become a project that undoes the deep and entangled history of its high-poverty neighborhood. This will continue with a Pop-Up space at 5 Broad Street, Jan 21-24th. These events are also primarily opportunities to engage with the farm through this new urgency, and begin the process of designing this incredible opportunity for the neighborhood.


“In every city, urban farms are different based on the needs and wishes of city residents. That’s why we want your input and involvement. We need to discover how the farm will be valuable to our neighborhood and to you. We need to connect the farm to other organizations, churches, businesses, projects and residents. This is about more than a farm, it’s about using the farm to build a strong community. Will you join with us to do that?
— Allegra Lovejoy, D&R Greenway