More about us:

Braden Crooks - Co-Founder, Partner

Braden is a gardener turned landscape architect who entered into the fray of community organizing and advocacy. He founded Groundswell PA: an organization that passed the first popular vote to ban fracking using an Environmental Bill of Rights. Braden earned his Master of Science with departmental honors from Parsons in New York, where he hones his praxis developing forms of horizontal organizing within solidarity economies. Braden has recently worked with organizations such as the Center for Urban Pedagogy and the Right to the City Alliance, and in his spare time produces a web series about New York.


April De Simone - Co-Founder, Partner

April De Simone has over 15 years of experience in strategically designing, developing and launching for-profit, non-profit and government projects. Continuing to advocate for social innovation, Ms. De Simone is co-creator of various for-purpose ventures and initiatives that promote market based solutions to address complex social challenges. A Dean Merit Scholar, she recently completed her Master of Science in Design and Urban Ecologies from Parsons the New School for Design. Ms. De Simone continues to be recognized for her leadership and dedication in supporting frameworks that promote a just and equitable society. In 2010, Ms. De Simone was nominated as a candidate for New York State’s Economic Council Initiative and remains actively involved in various other boards and activities that employ innovative capacities that scale social impact.


Gregory Jost - Partner, Undesign the Redline

Gregory Jost is an author and speaker with over 15 years of experience in bringing together the worlds of community development, organizing, data, and advocacy. At University Neighborhood Housing Program, Gregory created the Building Indicator Project to evaluate levels of physical and financial distress in 62,000 New York City apartment buildings and transform the ways banks, their regulators and City agencies interact with properties and their owners. The successes of the project lay in the process of harnessing the data and creating metrics collaboratively with shared ownership and evaluation techniques, resulting in a dramatic decline in distressed buildings across every neighborhood of the City.  Gregory holds both a Bachelors and Masters of Arts from Fordham University, completed two years in the Team, Management and Leadership Program at Landmark Worldwide, co-founded a Community Supported Agriculture cooperative in his neighborhood over a decade ago, was a founding board member of the school where his two children now attend, and is a long time board member of New Economy Project. He is currently writing a book on race, real       estate and redlining through a Bronx lens.